Commercial Air Conditioning

Elmbreck Air Conditioning work with products from leading manufacturers including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp to advise businesses on the most suitable products for their needs without being limited by product choice.


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  • Efficient means of providing heating as well as cooling.
  • Increases value and saleability of property
  • Too humid, especially in summer and autumn
  • High solar gains through windows
  • Can't leave windows open, because of security risk
  • Can't open windows in summer because of pollen/hay fever
  • Improved efficiency through improved comfort
  • PC's and other electrical equipment creating increased temperatures
  • All plant is located outside, allowing maximum possible let-able area.

Shops and Retail Outlets:

Most modern shops have air conditioning/heat pump systems fitted. These are normally single systems (for a small shop — up to 40m2), several systems for larger shop premises, as a guide one system per 40m2, and multiple modular systems for large stores and retail outlets
Generally the client will require ceiling cassette type indoor units, or concealed Ducted units within a suspended ceiling. These types of systems leave all of the wall space clear for stock, displays, and lighting.

Cassette units are a very cost effective means of providing high performance cooling and heating systems, without the high cost of air distribution ductwork. Over 50,000 Cassette type systems are sold each year in the UK, mainly for shops and offices. They fit neatly into suspended ceilings or solid ceilings, and are very easy to maintain and service.

Many Retail Outlets and Shops with Air Conditioning choose to use Thermoscreens to increase the efficiency of their air conditioning systems. Thermoscreens provide an air barrier at entry points keeping conditioned air in the premises and preventing fresh air from being sucked in from outside. Thermoscreens are often essential if the Retail Outlet or Shops have continuously open doorways to attract customers.

Restaurants and Bars:

Restaurants need to have a comfortable environment for the satisfaction of their clients. If the environment is too cold, or too hot, or too humid, this can spoil the enjoyment of the occasion. Adequate ventilation (air change) must also be allowed for in the design of a system.

It is important the correct types of indoor units are selected, and they are installed in locations which do not cause nuisance draughts, blowing cold air on to customers.
It is preferable to locate the air discharge from an air conditioning unit more than 2.5 metres away from any customer, so ceiling Cassette or Ducted units are more appropriate than a wall unit mounted that may blow directly at a seated customer.

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The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme provides upfront tax relief for businesses that invest in energy saving equipment, to qualify for ECA the equipment must be listed on the Energy Technology list.

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How do I calculate the cooling or heating capacity of my room? Multiply the length x width x height of the room in metres multiply the total by 40, this will give you the answer in "watts"...

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Mitsubishi Electric has developed a comprehensive 'end of life' recycling programme with Overton Recycling Ltd of Stourbridge with a free of charge collection of air conditioning equipment to Mitsubishi Electric customers