Ducted Ceiling Units

Invisible air conditioned comfort for you home, office or shop. Whatever shape the room, ducted units create uniform temperatures throughout. The unit is totally concealed, usually within a ceiling void. Cool or warm air is then ducted into a room through diffusers positioned in the walls, floor or ceiling.

Ducted Ceiling Units

These units can also be connected to an outside air supply. Easily controlled, ducted units provide comfort throughout the room without leaving cool or hot spots.

Product Features

  • Perfect comfort throughout the room
  • Concealed installation
  • Cooling and/or heating
  • Ultra quiet
  • Easy-to-use remote controller
  • Quick and easy installation

Product Considerations:

  • Space is required above the unit.
  • Space is required for pipes/service.
  • Only the grills are visible after installation
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The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme provides upfront tax relief for businesses that invest in energy saving equipment, to qualify for ECA the equipment must be listed on the Energy Technology list.

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How do I calculate the cooling or heating capacity of my room? Multiply the length x width x height of the room in metres multiply the total by 40, this will give you the answer in "watts"...

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Mitsubishi Electric has developed a comprehensive 'end of life' recycling programme with Overton Recycling Ltd of Stourbridge with a free of charge collection of air conditioning equipment to Mitsubishi Electric customers