Residential Air Conditioning


Good reasons for having air conditioning cooling in a home:

  • Too hot
  • Too humid, especially in summer and autumn
  • Can't leave windows open, because of security risk
  • Can't open windows in summer because of pollen/hay fever allergies
  • Can't open windows because of noise disturbance to/by neighbours
  • PC's and other electrical equipment which create a heat problem

Systems start at £849 + VAT fitted:

Heat pumps provide heating as well as cooling in the same unit. The heat pump is extremely efficient on the heating operation, having a COP (Coefficient of Performance of up to 2.5 or 3.0.COP of 2.5 means that the system will deliver 2.5KW of heat into the room, whilst consuming only 1KW of electricity, i.e. very efficient compared to, say, an electric fan heater or convector.

Other good reasons in addition to the above are:

Far more efficient than any other form of electric heating (because of high COPs, as described above). Difficult/costly to extend an existing central heating boiler system, e.g. for a conservatory, or extension.

Difficult to extend an existing central heating boiler system, e.g. for a loft conversion (insufficient height for expansion tank).

Heat Pump systems are very cost effective nowadays to add additional Heating & Cooling performance to a new space even where there is an existing central heating system in place.
e.g. The fitting of a Heat Pump Air Conditioning system in a new Conservatory.

Air Conditioning in your conservatory can really help to transform an under used room into a real retreat in the summer and the winter. Conservatories are always an attractive and inviting room but the change in temperature from summer to winter often makes them difficult to relax in.

If you are considering an Air Conditioning system, speak with a member of our team to see how Elmbreck can work with you and to discuss your requirements.

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The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme provides upfront tax relief for businesses that invest in energy saving equipment, to qualify for ECA the equipment must be listed on the Energy Technology list.

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How do I calculate the cooling or heating capacity of my room? Multiply the length x width x height of the room in metres multiply the total by 40, this will give you the answer in "watts"...

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Mitsubishi Electric has developed a comprehensive 'end of life' recycling programme with Overton Recycling Ltd of Stourbridge with a free of charge collection of air conditioning equipment to Mitsubishi Electric customers